What is eduKRESZ?

eduKRESZ is the first online theoretical driving curriculum in Hungary having attained an official accreditation. (KRESZ is by the way the popular Hungarian acronym for the Highway Code.) The courses are available (in Hungarian) for practically all essential driving licence categories. In addition there are appropriate e-learning courses for the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) too.
The eduKRESZ courses offer a cutting-edge, efficient and flexible way to would-be drivers to learn driving skills in theory, based upon the achievements of modern computer technologies, the possibilities the ever faster internet network provides and the more and more extensive IT skills of the learners.

New challenges

The rules of traffic, the knowledge of driving techniques, the more and more complicated technologies of vehicles – or, in the case of professional drivers, the rules of passenger and goods transport, cargo securing, health and safety and fire protection – constitute such a complicated system of knowledge which may prove to be difficult to master. Consequently, the rules of law require a strict testing method, not only at the official test but during the training cession as well.

Why to choose eduKRESZ?

The accredited eduKRESZ courses meet these requirements while remaining interesting and entertaining due to their interactivity, and the frequently used illustrations and animations. As expected from the internet-based distance learning, the courses also allow the maximum flexibility for the users.
The courses are written and set up by acknowledged experts, the mindful methodology applied, the solid accuracy the authorities require, the checking and self-checking of the the level of acquired knowledge as well as the integration of the official test questions in the courses together result in the fact that the eduKRESZ courses are at the forefront regarding the efficiency in preparing the learners for the practical driving and the successful theory test.
EduKRESZ provides both fully distant learning curriculum – enabling the learners to accomplish the compulsory theoretical driving training all by themselves – and classroom based e-learning material, providing a choice of options to those learners who seek the additional help of a lecturer while preparing to their tests.
Both the courses and the exam preparation materials for the various driving licence categories include the questions used at the official tests too.


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