What exactly is e-learning?

E-learning is the application of the most advanced IT and educational methodology technologies in distance learning – it is the cutting-edge tool to study online freely and efficiently.
Contents of the e-learning trainings are accessible via the internet.

In what scope can e-learning be applied?

Thanks to its efficiency and the rapid evolution of the IT infrastructure, e-learning is applied worldwide in a dynamically widening range, and is becoming a highly productive form of teaching mainly in the higher and adult education, and in corporate trainings.

Why is e-learning efficient?

Beside the textual parts the efficient and in-depth learning is facilitated by multimedia elements, interactive animations, and situational practices.
One of the most relevant characteristics of the real e-learning is the ceaseless interaction that keeps the learner alert and attentive while also provides a means of measuring and registering the learner’s progress and the extent of his or her acquisition of the required knowledge.

What is needed to learn with e-learning?

If you can read this, it means that you have everything that is necessary to learn with e-learning, as all that you need is a computer and a web browser. The courses and the learning management system (LMS) are installed at the e-learning service provider, and are accessible via the internet so neither special software should be installed, nor special IT skills are needed.
The bottom line is that e-learning realises such distance learning, that provides maximum freedom and flexibility to the learner, and is an up-to-date, objective means of supervision to the educational institution.

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