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The test questions used at the official testing of driving theory competence of learner drivers are provided to the National Transport Authority – in Hungarian and in the three foreign languages (English, German, and Romanian) that are available in Hungary for computer-based theory test – by E-Educatio Információtechnológia Zrt. based on an agreement of cooperation. In accordance with the obligations set forth in the aforementioned agreement, the test questions of the subject of the driving licence category can be viewed here without the answers in units in accordance with the number of questions required for the subject, and picked randomly. Viewing the questions together with acquiring the necessary knowledge of driving theory helps learners prepare for the examination and assess the depth of their understanding of the subject.


The sole proprietor of the questions and the related illustrations is E-Educatio Információtechnológia Zrt. The reproduction, copying, multiplication and distribution of the questions and illustrations is strictly forbidden. All rights reserved.


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